Year of the Witch

As 2016 is coming to a close, we are trying to take stock in what good has happened this past year - and let me tell you it's been a little rough. However, this article by Meagan Wilson at Covetuer really bolstered our spirits!

WHY 2016 IS THE YEAR OF THE WITCH : If you’ve picked up sage or crystals for your bookshelf sometime in the past six months, this is for you.

We encourage you to read the whole article, but here are some of our favorite take aways :

"On a personal level, just about every girl (especially the super cool ones) I know have held a fleeting interest in witchcraft"
"The current political and sociocultural climate might have a lot to do with the current uptick in all things mystical and vibe-y, too. 'We have violence in the US that we don’t understand—a really scary political situation, lots of questions about women’s rights, and civil rights. In these times, people gravitate toward positive feeling practices like meditation, crystals, smudging and astrology. It gives people hope that shit is gonna be okay.'

“People are feeling a real desire for more empowerment, and more self-love, especially women. There's so much coming to the surface now about how all kinds of people are marginalized and made powerless in their lives, and mysticism holds some answers about how to reclaim some of that, without needing to hand over further power to others.”


Holiday Market

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Hope to see you all there!

xo, Saint Something